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100 Clean Eating Snack Ideas



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  1. Cherry almond bites
  2. Natural popcorn
  3. Rude Health Bar or Nakd Bar
  4. Kale chips
  5. Dates and walnuts
  6. Strawberry banana oat smoothie
  7. Deviled eggs
  8. Berries
  9. Wholegrain rice cakes with houmous
  10. Super berry smoothie
  11. Orange and a banana
  12. Cereal bar like Goodies or Fruitus
  13. Riveta with natural nut butter and sliced strawberries
  14. Side salad
  15. Sliced apple and natural nut butter
  16. Natural yoghurt with a handful of grapes
  17. Organic cheese and sliced cucumber on riveta crackers
  18. 2 boiled eggs and cherry tomatoes with houmous
  19. Organic corn chips with guacamole
  20. Celery and peanut butter 
  21. Honeydew melon and a green apple
  22. Oatcakes and almonds
  23. 1 snack size box of raisins and 20g almonds
  24. Oat cakes with soft goats cheese and pineapple salsa
  25. Pina colada no bake bar
  26. A small portion of clean leftovers
  27. Clean tortilla wrap with natural nut butter and sliced banana
  28. Natural yoghurt topped with berries and seeds
  29. Carrot and cucumber with houmous
  30. Pistachio and cranberry no bake bar
  31. Clean ferrero rocher
  32. Oat cakes with pineapple macadamia goats cheese
  33. Watermelon pineapple smoothie
  34. Cherry no bake bar
  35. Cottage cheese with fresh pineapple 
  36. Avocado toast
  37. Clean pesto scrambled eggs
  38. Lemony chickpea salad
  39. Clean tortilla wrap with houmous and spinach
  40. Mango no bake bar
  41. Clean mini cheesecake bites
  42. Blueberries and sliced banana
  43. Pina colada smoothie
  44. Sliced mixed peppers with houmous
  45. Wholegrain toast and natural nut butter
  46. Celery and cherry tomatoes with houmous
  47. Seaweed
  48. 20g pistachios and unsweetened dried cranberries
  49. Natural yoghurt with clean granola
  50. Clean Banana Ice Cream
  51. Wholegrain Rice Cakes with Houmous and Beetroot
  52. Leftover Clean Pancake with Almond Butter and berries
  53. Toasted Wholemeal Pitta Bread with Spinach and Houmous
  54. Veggie Sticks with Guacamole
  55. Wholewheat Bread sticks with Guacamole
  56. Clean Pineapple Coconut Ice Creams
  57. Clean Omelette
  58.  Clean Banana Nut Cookies
  59. Porridge
  60. 20g Unslated Cashew Nuts and Dried Fruit
  61. Lentil Soup
  62. Tomato and Basil Scrambled Eggs
  63. Grapes and Strawberries
  64. Wholemeal Pitta Bread with Almond Butter and Sliced Banana
  65. Watermelon and Pineapple
  66. Sliced apple rings topped with nut butter and muesli
  67. Sliced boiled egg whites on wholegrain crackers
  68. Rude Health drinking oats
  69. Clean cereal with fruit and almond milk
  70. Muesli with milk of choice
  71. Organic corn chips with clean salsa
  72. 100% fruit spread on toast
  73. Raw broccoli and cauliflower florets with houmous
  74. Clean carrot and coriander soup
  75. Tamari parsley scrambled eggs
  76. Celery with cottage cheese and raisins
  77. Roasted pumpkin seeds
  78. Banana with peanut butter
  79. Boiled egg with avocado
  80. Ginger apricot almond no bake bar
  81. Fresh fruit salad
  82. Tuna and olive oil on riveta crackers
  83. Cherries and kiwi
  84. Lettuce wraps with leftover chicken, shredded carrot and tamari Sauce
  85. Stir fried vegetable noodles
  86. Garlic mushroom scrambled eggs
  87. Stuffing frittata bites
  88. Apple sauce
  89. Olives
  90. Brazil nuts
  91. Wholemeal bread with goats cheese and grapes
  92. Edamame beans
  93. Frozen grapes
  94. 100% natural ice lolly
  95. Vegetable crisps
  96. Clean flatbread with goats cheese and berries
  97. Vegetable soup
  98. Tinned salmon with lemon juice and parsley on wholegrain crackers
  99. Kiwi and raspberries
  100. A tall glass of water
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