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Welcome to The Kitchen Shed!

I’m Charlie, recipe creator, food photographer, clean eating food blogger and brains behind The Kitchen Shed. This is my ginger bearded husband Luke, and he’s in charge of the website design, technical support and general blog geekery. Together we are the team that makes up everything that goes on here at The Kitchen Shed.

I first heard about Clean Eating not long after I had my first son, 9 years ago. One of my friends posted about the Eat Clean Diet by Tosca Reno on Facebook and I looked into it. I bought all of the books and felt that after years of health and diet research, I had finally found what I was looking for. Clean Eating just made sense to me and completely supported My Food Philosophy.  Clean Eating helped me shed my baby weight, develop a love for health and fitness and inspire me to run my first 10k race.

The Eat Clean Diet cookbooks were great, but honestly, I found that a lot of the food was not what I would usually eat and some ingredients and recipes just didn’t seem to translate to my lifestyle and situation. I eventually came across some clean eating recipe blogs which were amazing and some of the recipes became family favourites. However, all of the blogs I followed were based in America so I was again somewhat limited to the ingredients or products readily available for me to purchase in the UK. To read more about my favourite health food blogs click here.

That is how the idea of this blog was born. I love to cook, I love experimenting with food so I wanted to create a clean eating recipe blog and social network that would relate especially to people in the UK with the products and ingredients that we have available. With the help of my super clever husband we started up The Kitchen Shed on my 26th Birthday, January 2014. You can read about our first year of blogging here.

Are you wondering why this blog is called The Kitchen Shed? No? I’ll tell you anyways… We started this blog during the 15 months that we spent living in my in-laws garage conversion. My kitchen was literally once a shed that stored my brother in laws bikes but it become the home of this blog and the place where my favourite clean eating recipes were created. To find out more about our garage adventure and to see pictures of my Kitchen Shed click here.

I really hope you find the recipes and information on this blog useful. The Kitchen Shed is all about real people on real budgets looking to eat real food. If you have an questions or need some advice then you will always find me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram as well as right here on the blog.

Wishing you energy and enthusiasm on your journey,

Charlie & Luke x

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