Getting Started


Clean Eating doesn’t have to be hard or complicated, you can start by making some very simple changes. Try picking one or two of the baby steps below each week to get a taste of it and see if you don’t catch the bug for Clean Eating!


Clean Eating Baby Steps

Baby Step 1: Swap from White to Wholemeal – Bread, Rice, Pasta and Spaghetti

Baby Step 2: Swap your Beef mince with Turkey mince

Baby Step 3: Add lentils, beans and extra vegetables to your meals to bulk them out and give added nutrients

Baby Step 4: Swap all other beverages to water, or herbal teas and keep hydrated – (aim for 2 liters of water a day)

Baby Step 5: Swap sugary cereals for porridge oats or no added sugar muesli

Baby Step 6: Swap refined white sugar to honey

Baby Step 7: Buy a new fruit or vegetable to try every week

Baby Step 8: Meat Free Monday – Go Vegetarian at least once a week

Baby Step 9: Stop eating by 7 pm (or 3 hours before bed)

Baby Step 10: Clean out your cupboards! Replace junk food with nutritious snacks like oat cakes, wholegrain rice cakes, nuts, seeds, dried fruit, natural cereal bars, seaweed sheets, plain popcorn, fresh fruit, vegetable sticks and hummus.


© Charlie Mace


Are you new to Clean Eating? If so, how have you found adapting to a new Clean Eating lifestyle?

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