Clean Eating

The Kitchen Shed - Clean Eating Basics #cleaneatinguk #eatcleanuk #cleaneatingrecipes

Clean Eating Basics

Would you like to lose weight? Tone up? Feel healthier? Have more energy? Achieve fitness goals? Eat more food?? Then Clean Eating is for you!    Clean Eating is not a fad diet, … [Read More]


The Kitchen Shed - Motivational Board #cleaneatinguk #eatcleanuk #cleaneatingrecipes

My Food Philosophy

It takes effort and sacrifice to achieve goals. This is my motivational board that I keep on my kitchen fridge, to remind me of the things that are important to me.   My … [Read More]


The Kitchen Shed - Getting Started #cleaneatingukrecipes #eatcleanuk

Getting Started

Clean Eating doesn’t have to be hard or complicated, you can start by making some very simple changes. Try picking one or two of the baby steps below each week to get a taste of it … [Read More]


The Kitchen Shed - Clean Eating Everyday Oats

A Typical Clean Eating Day

A Typical day of clean eating for me could look like this: 7.30 am Breakfast – Clean Eating Porridge with Oat Milk and Fresh Fruit, sprinkled with Ground Flaxseed 10 am Mid … [Read More]


The Kitchen Shed - Clean Eating In The Supermarkets #cleaneatingukrecipes #eatcleanuk

Clean Eating In The Supermarkets

We are so lucky in this country to have so much fresh healthy produce around. It is easy to find clean foods in the supermarkets, the food IS there, you just need to know what you … [Read More]


The Kitchen Shed - Clean Eating on a Budget #cleaneatinguk #eatcleanuk #cleaneatingrecipes

Clean Eating On A Budget

When I first started Clean Eating, our food shop budget was around £30 a week for my husband and I and our young son at the time. I was so eager to Eat Clean, eat organic, be 100% … [Read More]


The Kitchen Shed - Food To Eat #cleaneatinguk #eatcleanuk

Foods To Eat

So, are you wondering what to eat? Choose from the options below (feel free to add your own) to make a complete meal. Don’t forget to keep to proper portion sizes. You can use this guide every time you eat. Lean Protein Examples: Portion Size at each meal – Palm of hand Chicken Turkey Fish […]

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The Kitchen Shed - Foods To Avoid #cleaneatinguk #eatcleanuk #cleaneatingrecipes

Foods To Avoid

We all know that an apple will do our bodies more good than a cupcake! But home baked goods could be the least of your worries. There is so much hidden rubbish in the foods that we eat every day. Take the time to read the ingredients on the back of foods that you buy […]

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