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The 10 Most Popular Kitchen Shed Recipes + The Recipes I Make Most Often

Im always interested to see which recipes people enjoy the most here on the blog so this week I took a look into my blog statistics to get the top 10 most viewed recipes.

The first two were no surprise to me (everyone loves a good curry and homemade nakd bars) but honestly some of the recipes on the list wouldn’t have made my top 10! (I’ve added a list of my top ten recipes to the bottom of the post).

Believe it or not, with a blog full of recipes at my fingertips I can still find myself stuck in mealtime ruts. I get caught up making the same things over and over again because they are easier/quicker/cheeper and in all honestly, sometimes I just forget that there is life beyond spaghetti bolognese…

That’s one reason why I love Instagram so much. You may have noticed my lack of enthusiasm for other social media outlets over the years but Instagram has been the one that I’ve invested more of my time in. I love how I am able to get quick food ideas, health and fitness motivation and general nice vibes from people sharing snap shots of their lives. That is where I get a lot of meal time inspiration from these days but I am grateful to have been able to remind myself of all of the many recipes and memories I have created here on The Kitchen Shed, some of which I had completely forgotten about.

So here you have it, the most popular recipes from the blog so far….

1. Clean Eating Chicken & Sweet Potato Curry

2. How To Make Your Own Nakd Bars

3. Clean Eating Wholemeal Pizza Dough

4. Clean Eating Turkey Burgers

5. Clean Eating Wholewheat Banana Bread

6. Dark Chocolate Beetroot Brownies – Guest Post

7. Clean Eating Peanut Butter Porridge

8. Clean Eating Turkey Chilli

9. Clean Eating Pancake Recipes

10. Clean Eating Chicken Bhuna Curry

My Top 10 Recipes
(The family meals I make most often)

Clean Eating Paprika Prawns

Clean Eating Turkey Tacos

Clean Eating Roasted Veggie Quinoa

Clean Eating Sausage Jambalaya

Clean Eating Goats Cheese Basil Stuffed Chicken

Clean Eating Organic Beef Chilli

Clean Eating Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup

Clean Eating Pesto Feta Meatballs

Clean Eating Butternut Squash Sausage Spaghetti

Clean Eating Turkey Lentil Bolognese


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