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Lunch/ Lunch Box Ideas

Clean Eating Back To School Lunch Ideas

It is almost that time again, the start of a brand new school year. We have had a great summer filled with equal amounts of fun packed adventures and rest and relaxation and I think both of my boys are ready to settle back into the school routine again. I know I’m ready!

My boys love a packed lunch, I cannot even tempt them to have school dinners because they prefer to take lunch from home (much to my dismay at times, since making packed lunches are not my favourite activity of the day). However, I like to keep their lunches new and exciting and packed with food that will fuel them during a long day at school. Here are a few ideas to get your brain back into packed lunch mode!

Italian Spelt Pasta Salad, Boiled Eggs (my son never used to eat the yolk – he does now), and Cantalope Melon Slices.


Organic Cheese Sandwiches on Homemade Bread, Nakd Bar (or a homemade one), Watermelon & Kiwi, Carrot & Cucumber with Houmous.


Maple Pecan Cookie, Organic Strawberries & Grapes, Leftover Turkey Lentil Bolognese with Brown Rice Spaghetti.


Melon & Grapes, Natural Yoghurt with Homemade Basic Granola, Leftover Turkey Bolognese with Wholegrain Spelt Spaghetti.


Watermelon, Nakd Bar (or homemade), Oat Cakes, St Dalfours Jam Sandwich on Homemade Bread.

I used a simple stackable Bento Box for these lunches but if you were looking to invest in a more sturdy lunchbox then take a look at my YumBox review.

If you struggle to keep your kiddos lunches cold, and also want to get more fruits/veggies in them then check out the genius Squeeze Please review I did a while back. These smoothie pouches are amazing!

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