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Breakfast/ Dairy Free

Clean Eating Breakfast Toast

Clean Eating Breakfast ToastClean Eating Breakfast ToastimageHere’s something for the weekend guys! It’s been a great start to our Clean Eating 30 Day Challenge, if you haven’t joined us then feel free to jump right in and keep in touch via Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Some of you might be experiencing some cravings and I know that this recipe will definitely help hit the spot!

This is probably the tastiest breakfast I could imagine. It is completely delicious and almost tastes too good to be (technically) clean. I say technically because although you can buy nitrate free/sugar free proscuitto (or parma ham) it is still quite high in salt so you wouldn’t want to eat it everyday. However when the weekend comes, you can guarantee that this is what I will be eating šŸ™‚

There are a few different brands of clean rye bread. I like Biona Pumpkin Seed Rye Bread the best but I also get an organic sunflower seed one from Wairtose or Sainsbury’s. Either way, what you are looking for when choosing a clean rye bread is that the ingredients state that the product is made from WHOLE rye and/or other wholegrains.

If you haven’t tried rye bread before (or if you have and hated it like I used to….!!) then give it another go, except this time toast it until slightly crispy and then top it with this combo, or at least a coconut oil fried egg. I promise you, it is epic. Even my white bread loving husband now chooses to eat this good stuff! – Also, rye bread fills you up without leaving you feeling or looking bloated. Bonus!

P.S I was able to contribute to the fabulous Rangemaster Bloggers E-Cookbook along with some other amazing health food bloggers. You can download your free copy HERE.


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Clean Eating Breakfast Toast

Clean Eating Breakfast Toast 2

By Published:

    Here's something for the weekend guys! It's been a great start to our Clean Eating 30 Day Challenge, if you haven't joined us then …



    1. Place the rye bread into the toaster and toast until dry and slightly crispy.
    2. Meanwhile, place the coconut oil into a non stick frying and and melt over a medium high heat.
    3. Crack the egg into the oil and cook to your liking.
    4. Once the rye bread is toasted, place onto a plate and mash the avocado onto it with the back of a fork.
    5. Once the egg is cooked, add it on top of the avocado and rye bread.
    6. Place the prosciutto into the pan that the egg was in and cook for around 30 seconds on each side until it starts to crisp up.
    7. Place underneath (or on top) of the egg and serve.

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    Sharon Tweed
    11th June 2018 at 10:44 am

    I came across your recipe for rye bread advocado etc it was really mice change, as I happen to have the ingredients

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