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WIN A NUTRIBULLET with The Kitchen Shed’s 3rd Birthday

  Another year of blogging under my belt and I am really happy to finally be celebrating 3 years of The Kitchen Shed… albeit 5 months later than usual.

Previously I have milked The Kitchen Shed’s birthday (which also happens to be the same day as my birthday) by running multiple giveaways, but this year I just didn’t feel like celebrating. We have been under a huge amount of stress with our house renovation and I just didn’t have the usual energy and excitement to celebrate anything. But fast forward a few months, we have finished renovating and decorating our house, I have reversed a Vitamin D deficiency, started back on my exercise plan and feel happier and healthier than I have in a long time. So here’s to the spring and the promise of brighter days ahead. I think I might just change my birth date so that it can always be in the spring!

To celebrate three years of The Kitchen Shed I have decided to keep it simple by running 1 exciting giveaway, courtesy of High Street TV and offer one of you the chance to win a Nutribullet!

The Nutribullet is an amazing kitchen appliance, said to have replaced the toaster as the number 1 item on newlyweds gift list. It is quick to use, very powerful, compact to store and super easy to clean. Our NutriBullet gets used 3-4 times a day. My husbands recent ‘GAINS’ are all down to his morning and evening  oat/banana/egg/protein/nut butter (1300 calorie) NutriBlasts which has made him happier than a pig in mud. “All the gains all the days” is his new motto. Oh to have his metabolism.

I on the other hand have been enjoying my own protein oat smoothies (as seen on Instagram), but the calories are far more ‘normal’ because unlike Luke, I could put on half a stone in a week without trying. Our NutriBullet is also used daily to grind oats/nuts/pesto which is so much easier than getting out the food processor every time I want to use it. The Nurtibullet is always there, ready to go on the kitchen counter.

So, for your chance to win one of these puppies, (not a real puppy, a NutriBullet) then follow the link below!

Good Luck! xox


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