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Meal Plans

Week 2 Meal Plan – Clean Eating 30 Day Challenge

I can’t believe that is has been a whole week since the start of our Clean Eating 30 Day Challenge. It has been brilliant, especially because of the inspiration and motivation that has been going on throughout Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Thank you all so much for sharing pictures of your meals, menu plans and sharing your exercise goals, it has created such a wonderful support network for everyone participating in this challenge.

If you are struggling to stay motivated check out yesterdays blog post on How To Stay Motivated To Eat Clean. You can also check out my Week 1 Meal Plan for more food inspiration. But for now, here is my meal plan for Week 2. I haven’t filled in the dessert spaces because I never know what it will be but it’s usually either medjool dates and pecans, a handful of maple pecan crunch straight from the jar or frozen grapes.

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Clean Eating 30 Day Challenge Week 2



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